Ten new mini-features in PlanMaker 2010

You probably won’t find these listed in any brochure from SoftMaker because they are considered “minor improvements” — here are ten useful new mini-features in PlanMaker:

  1. AutoFill for numbered lists: Type ‘1. then ‘2. — you can then use AutoFill so that PlanMaker adds 3., 4., 5. etc.
  2. Sheetwide “Hide zero values”: It was already possible to set “Do not show zeros” individually for cells. But PlanMaker 2010 also adds a sheetwide option that does it for all the cells on the sheet.
  3. When you select cells with the mouse or keyboard, the size of the selection is now shown above the sheet, for example as “5R x 3C” for five rows, three columns.
  4. The commands “Join cells” and “Split cells” are now in the context menu that is shown when you right-click in your worksheet.
  5. So is the option “Word wrap”.
  6. There is now a “scroll mode”: When it is active, moving the mouse up/down or left/right will move the worksheet. Ideal for browsing the spreadsheet’s data.
  7. Instead of =A1+A2, you can now also type +A1+A2.
  8. The toolbar now has a dropdown menu for different types of cell shading, very similar to the one for cell borders.
  9. Instead of 3^4, you can also type 3**4.
  10. If you don’t like the default colors for the little markers for comments and protection, you can choose your own.

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