Load and Help 2013 ends with an even better result than in 2012

SoftMaker’s charity campaign Load and Help 2013 ends with an even better result than in 2012: 56,119 people have downloaded SoftMaker FreeOffice and the Elegant Holiday Fonts and are now happy users of a powerful office suite and/or beautiful fonts.

At the same time, all participants have done good: As SoftMaker pledged 10 Euro cents for every download, the campaign brought donations of € 5611.90 to charity and aid projects around the world. SoftMaker works with the renowned charity platform betterplace.org which ensures that 100% of the donations reach the needy.

Our parallel discount campaign brought in an extra 496 Euro. A special thank-you to all those customers who passed their discount on to our charity projects. In total, this year’s donations were € 6107,90 (around US$ 8360).

The charity projects that we supported during this campaign

December 11, 2013:

December 18. 2013:

January 1, 2014:

Unfortunately, some of the project descriptions above are only available in German.

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