Load and Help 2012 ends with a great result

Load and Help 2012, SoftMaker’s charity campaign, ends with a great result: 44955 people have downloaded SoftMaker FreeOffice and are now happy users of a powerful and free office suite for Windows and Linux.

At the same time, all participants have done good: As SoftMaker pledged 10 Euro cents for every download, the campaign brought donations of € 4495.50 to charity and aid projects around the world. SoftMaker works with the renowned charity platform betterplace.org which ensures that 100% of the donations reach the needy.

In parallel, we ran a second campaign. All SoftMaker products were discounted by 30% until Christmas Eve. But there’s a twist: Every customer could decide how the discount was handled:

  • One could keep the discount for himself or herself.
  • Or one could donate it in full to charity projects.
  • Or one could split it: keep half, donate the other half.

Here is how our customers decided:

  • 52.7% kept the discount for themselves.
  • 33.4% donated half of the discount.
  • 13.9% donated the discount in full.

We say a big thank-you to all those customers who parted with half of the discount or even the full amount. Those customers forwent real money to help others.

The total donation result of the discount campaign is € 1280.50.

Let’s count the donations…

The donations add up as follows:

  • € 4495.50 from Load and Help 2012
  • € 1280.50 from the discount campaign
  • € 100.00 from a private donor living in Northern Germany
  • € 20.00 from a private donor living in Switzerland
  • Sum of donations: € 5896.00 that do good around the world

Supported projects

We forwarded the donations to the following projects:

(Unfortunately, many of the project descriptions above are only in German.)

We hope that you agree with our choice of projects.

Happy Holidays to everyone reading this!

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  • John Cassels says:

    Thank you for doing this end of year campaign. It is a good thing for a company like yours to do. As someone who works in Africa, I am impressed by the quality of the projects your donation has supported. Keep up the good work. /jjohn

  • Stan Marshall says:

    Kudos to SoftMaker for their campaigns and the positive attitude they embody.

    Kudos too to all the people who donated their discount to the projects and the campaign.

    Shame on all those who were too selfish to contribute to ending world poverty.

    My Aide and I were proud to participate. We hope to see similar campaigns next year.