Save or donate – it’s up to you! Until Christmas Eve, everything is 30% off.

30% off everything!

Will you help us to reach a new donation record? We want to collect even more money for important charity projects.

That’s why we now offer all SoftMaker products with a 30% discount until December 24!

How much of your discount will be donated, is entirely up to you:

  • You can donate the full discount.
  • You can donate half and keep half.
  • Or you can keep the entire discount for yourself.

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Our web site will list all donations and how they were used.


SoftMaker finances a pediatrician in Nepal

“Load and Help” steams ahead: FreeOffice has been downloaded more than 38,000 times so far. This means SoftMaker has to donate over 3800 Euro.

And the next donation has been paid out: 1148 Euro has been donated to a project that finances a pediatrician who provides medical support to children and their parents in the remote country of Nepal.

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More, more! More downloads, more donations!

We want more downloads! Each download of FreeOffice means a donation by SoftMaker for a good cause.

Don’t stop spreading the word: Help us to increase the number of downloads and thus the donation sum until Christmas Eve!

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