Formatting made easier in TextMaker 2012

Today I want to let you know some more interesting details about the upcoming TextMaker 2012 word processor. In short, formatting becomes much easier in this new version:

1. The dialog boxes for paragraph styles and character styles now show a preview of each stylesheet, and they tell you exactly what formatting a specific stylesheet contains:

If you look closely at the screenshot above (click on it to enlarge it), you will see that there are now options to create or update a stylesheet from existing formatting, too.

2. An eminently useful sidebar: SoftMaker Presentations has had it since version 2010, now we have added it to TextMaker 2012.

(Click on the individual screenshots to enlarge them)

The sidebar allows you to quickly navigate your documents. You can have it show all headings, all bookmarks, all footnotes, all tables, all pictures, or all objects. A simple click on one places the cursor in the chosen location.

You can switch to a view of all your paragraph styles or character styles and then format your document in any way you like. Point the mouse at a stylesheet, and a small tooltip appears that displays the formatting contained in a style (“Arial, 8pt, red”).

To put it simply, the new sidebar makes navigation and formatting much easier and more efficient.

If you have looked closely at the screenshots above, you might have noticed our new zoom slider in the status bar. Admittedly, we are not the first to offer it, but we found it so useful that we have added the zoom slider to TextMaker 2012, PlanMaker 2012, and SoftMaker Presentations 2012.

3. Table AutoFormat: If you think that formatting text means work, then don’t even start making tables nicer. Maybe you want the title row to stand out, maybe the first column. Or perhaps you prefer alternating row colors? This can quickly become a major effort. Not so anymore in TextMaker 2012 because we added an AutoFormat command for tables. It offers many well-designed styles for tables that can be applied with a single mouse click.

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  • michel cmp says:

    can softmaker office be run as portable software from a usb flash drive without leaving a footprint on host computer? how?
    please answer for 2008, 2009, 2010, 2011 and 2012.

  • Leonidas Galbas Santos says:

    look for coogro. It is an portuguese gramatical and ortograph corretor

  • Bill Heilbronn says:

    This looks interesting and I look forward to hearing more details about release and cost.
    Will text maker be available as a separate program?

  • Francis Vandenplas says:


    I have your free version of the 2008 edition. Nice piece of software, but performing lots of editing in Textmaker is really not a pleasant experience, especially because I’ve been unable to mark several pieces of a document to apply formatting (did I miss something?) and, there is no… Sidebar to apply styles in a fast and easy way!

    You can therefore understand I’m really interested to become a beta tester for your upcoming 2012 package. I do a lot of document editing on a daily basis (as well as translations) and unfortunately enough I have to stick to WinWord if I want to perform this at an acceptable pace. All the competitors (mostly based on OOo, but I’ve tried some others…) keep adding “nice” features which are very often useless (to me?) but do not care to better the basic editing features of their package…

    In between, I just downloaded the trial version of your 2010 version and am going to try it out extensively. I’m also going to jot down any ideas I might have about making it work nicer (as always concentrating on the editing features) and if you are interested, I’ can mail you my suggestions (which may already have been implemented in this upcoming version, like the… sidebar).

    By the way, My Word XP (2002) keeps crashing under Vista SP3 and all the MS people can suggest is to go for a more recent version! Well, believe me (I did try it out) that damned ribbon sits in my way (editing is really slower due to that interface that might serve beginners, but not seasoned users like myself) and I didn’t find anything really useful added…
    Furthermore, I’m still discovering features that I didn’t know of, like the possibility to remove a big amount of styles in one pass. As you certainly know, the “OOos” can really “repair” a Word document which Word can’t (even if it says it does) or can’t even open any more. The problem is that when you reopen your document in Word, you find yourself flooded with hundreds of useless styles that I really didn’t like trying to remove one by one…

    From all this, I guess you’ll understand that I’m looking forward to a really good replacement for my poor “aging” Office XP and am even prepared to pay for it! In fact, a good working (I mean, the way I would like it to work!) Textmaker alone would make me happy, as I don’t use XL very often and have no (present) use for presentations and (relational) databases…

    Yours truly,
    Francis Vandenplas

  • michel says:

    Please, please update the interface. Your icons are amatuer looking and the default blue windows chrome is ten years outdated- even MS doesn’t use it anymore.

    Also, please allow changing of the document background colour.

  • Walter Axefield says:

    Ladies and gentlemen,

    Your info about TextMaker 2012 is quite interesting and seems quite useful.

    Kind regards,

    Walter Axefield

  • Bob Lowski says:

    Excellent news! A formatting side-bar was IMHO the last bit missing from TextMaker. Great to see a software company cater to professional users who need serious tools for their job!