Arabic and Hebrew in SoftMaker Office 2010

It has been a long time in the making, but SoftMaker Office 2010 will finally support typing in Arabic and Hebrew.

Arabic and Hebrew stand out among the other languages by being written from right to left. That’s not the only problem: Numbers are still written from left to right, and Western words in Arabic and Hebrew texts, too. This continual switching of the typing direction caused us some troubles during development, but I am proud to say that we have solved them.

That’s not all, though. SoftMaker Office 2010 also:

  • comes with an optional Arabic user interface
  • supports both Arabic and Hindi numbers
  • supports the Hijri (Islamic) calendar
  • does all the character shaping required for the Arabic script
  • and provides Arabic spell-checking.


Want to help us create a great Arabic/Hebrew office suite? If you understand Hebrew, Arabic, Farsi, or Urdu and wish to participate in the private beta test for SoftMaker Office 2010 for Windows, please go to our discussion forum at and create a user account there. Then send an e-mail request for participation in the beta test to mentioning your forum name and your Arabic/Hebrew qualifications.

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