How SoftMaker Office for Android is progressing

The public beta test for SoftMaker Office for Android will start soon. We spent the last few months not only to simply port our software to Google Android, but also to design a new user interface that is finger-friendly and perfectly tuned to Android.

We have decided to use native Android control elements for the user interface (menus, dialogs, toolbars). As a result, SoftMaker Office is a true Android application with true Android feeling.

SoftMaker Office supports, of course, the usual menus that appear when you press the Menu button. It can be operated however much more quickly through toolbars.

In each SoftMaker application, you can find a toolbar with the most important commands at the bottom of the screen. Some execute a command directly, some open a secondary toolbar. For example, clicking on the “A” icon will activate the Formatting toolbar. It appears immediately above the main toolbar and offers functions covering the formatting of your document.

Care for a picture? Here we go…

You can click away the Formatting toolbar just as fast to reclaim the full display for your document. Other icons in the main toolbar open a menu directly. For example, clicking on the magnifying glass shows a menu for choosing the zoom level at which your document renders.

All applications in SoftMaker Office for Android support this modern user interface. You will be amazed how fast you can work with it.

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  • Rich says:

    I just thought I would post a feature request for consideration while your in the development stage. The plan maker I used in the past on win mobile was a early version so you might very well have implemented or are planning to implement them already but here are my thoughts anyway …
    I have tried all of the spreadsheet applications for the android and have not found any that are suitable for my needs. What I have noticed is none of them seem to pay enough attention to 1 of the most important things in my opinion anyway. That would be data entry into a spreadsheet. All the wonderful features offered by an application are not very useful if you can’t get your data into them in a quick and efficient manner. 1 of the great features of these devices is the ability for the user to select a keyboard that best suits his or her needs. However I have found that the intergration with some apps to be cumbersome. I do think you need the ability to use different keyboards to appease the masses but I also think there is a lot that can be done within the app to greatly enhance the data entry. One example would be to be able to format a cell with a sub keyboard that comes up when the cell is selected. For example I almost always use the hard keyboard on my moto droid 1 but it is very difficult to input numbers efficiently. So if I select a cell for numeric entry a soft number pad would be displayed. You could have a wide range of soft sub keyboards to choose from when formatting a cell for dates, times, ect.

  • wxh7600 says:

    AutoFilter is very very important!there are no office softs can do it!!i expect softmaker can do!!

  • daz says:

    Wm autofilter works a treat, cant understand/not willing to purchase any spread sheet software without it.

  • Rabie says:

    if you can include the vba support so macros on excel files can work on your software
    this feature not included in any none microsoft software
    which is not available for android and ios the most important os for tabs and mobile


  • sujit vasanth says:

    please could i be added to the beta testers list for softmaker android

    i personally feel the interface should be more like the pocketpc version ie drop down menus and also proper TABLET support i.e. menu on the left/ right

    best wishes sv

  • admin says:

    Rabie, there is no way to add VBA support on a non-Windows operating system. VBA relies on OLE Automation, a Microsoft-only technology. Our software however preserves VBA macros that are contained in Office files.

  • admin says:

    Sujit, to be considered for inclusion in our beta test, get a forum account at our discussion forum at and mail your forum name to apply (at)

  • Joel says:

    Might Office for Android include outlining capabilities (e.g. a bit like MS Word)?

  • admin says:

    Joel, in the initial version outlining will not be available, but we will most certainly make it available later on.

  • JGrant says:

    Android at present has no apps except browsers that have a tabbed interface for open files. It is critical to be able to open more than one doc or pdf at once to get serious work done. Please consider this in feature requests. Thanks.