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Assigning symbols to keys

One feature that users of SoftMaker Office have asked us repeatedly for indeed made it into SoftMaker Office 2010: the ability to assign symbols to hotkeys. This means that you could, for example, assign the copyright symbol © to Ctrl-Shift-C or the “registered” sign ® to Alt+R. The same is true for any other character […]

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A Simple Descending Life Line

I am typing this from a hotel room in Korea. What caught my eye immediately upon entry was this: A “Simple Descending Life Line”? How reassuring that I will be able, in case of an emergency, to jump off the window from the 9th floor and use my non-existent abseiling abilities, trusting a thin rope […]

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First post.

He. I finally got “first post” somewhere, even if it meant that I had to start my own blog. We have an exciting new release of SoftMaker Office coming up, so many of my posts in the near future will center on SoftMaker Office 2010. Come here for first-hand information on what SoftMaker Office 2010 […]

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